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About Us

Our firm’s name dates back to the early 19th century when Charles Christopher Trowbridge, a young entrepreneur from Albany, New York took up residence in the Detroit area. Soon after establishing himself in Detroit, he began working under Major Thomas Roland as the Deputy United States Marshall and Deputy Clerk of the Court.  These positions were the first of many for the skilled and zealous Charles Trowbridge.

Built in 1826 for he and his wife during John Quincy Adam’s presidency, the Trowbridge House was at the time, considered to be the finest frame house in the Michigan territory.  Serving as the Trowbridge’s residence throughout Charles’ time as a Board of Regents member at the University of Michigan, president of the newly established Bank of Michigan, president of the Detroit Board of Public Charities, as well as when he was elected mayor of the city of Detroit in 1833.  Charles and his wife Catherine lived in the Trowbridge House until his death in 1883.

A Native American agent, banker, mayor of Detroit, regent of the University of Michigan as well as other prominent positions, Charles Christopher Trowbridge honed the skills acquired as just a boy to gain not only success and prominence, but the trust of the city he loved and served during his time in the beloved area we now know and love as Detroit, Michigan.

Just as Charles Trowbridge served the city, the staff here at Trowbridge Law Firm, P.C. would love the opportunity to continue to serve the residents of Detroit and the surrounding area in various areas of law including landlord/tenant, estate planning, and business law.

Just as the Trowbridge House has withstood the test of time and is the oldest existing home in the city of Detroit, our firm looks forward to growing with and serving the city of Detroit.